Brindille (La)

A film by Emmanuelle Millet

2011 France - Drama


Sarah 20, lives in a hostel and does one odd job after the other. When she actively starts to live an adult life, she discovers she is seven-month pregnant, a denial of pregnancy. Shocked she is torn apart between the fact she needs to assimilate her sudden condition as a future mother and her strong will to become a working woman...

  • cast

    • Christa Théret
    • Johan Libéreau
    • Anne Le Ny
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Catherine Bozorgan (Manchester Films)
    • Producer
    • Davd Poirot (Thelma Films)
    • Editor
    • Emmanuelle Castro
    • Editor
    • Anny Danché
    • Sound
    • Sylvain Malbrant
    • Cinematographer
    • Antoine Heberlé
    • Screenplay
    • Emmanuelle Millet

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